Germany Takes the World Cup

After a month of great anticipation, Germany has finally claimed the trophy to be the 2014 World Cup Champions beating team Argentina in a score of 1-0. It was this July 13 match that had earned German player Mario Götze top nods as his goal sealed him and the rest of team Germany to World Cup Finals victory.

The Estadio Maracana was the venue to this year’s finals and both teams delivered amazing performances for their country and football fans all over the world. The clash of these two different teams took the football world by storm and each twist and turn of their match was watched with anticipation moment after moment.

It was indeed a nail biting event as it took more than official game minutes before the World Cup Champions were decided this year as neither Germany nor Argentina was able to score a goal during the official 90 minutes of match time. It took an additional 30 minutes to finally reveal who would take the World Cup, even anticipating a shootout in case no winner was decided after 120 minutes.

It was indeed a spectacular effort from Germany’s Mario Götze as he scored at the 113th minute, 23 minutes into the extra time given to play. His goal attempt was undisputed and flew straight toward the goal not even giving the Argentinian goal keeper a chance to save it.

This was Götze’s 11th goal for the 2014 World Cup truly an amazing effort and big finish for team Germany after a hard fought competition. Up to date, this is Germany’s 4th World Cup win with their last dating back in 1990.

Team Argentina had Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain attempting to score for them but their determined efforts were not able to succeed. Higuain even collided with Manuel Neuer from Germany and was called for a foul because of it.

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2014 World Cup: Argentina to Semi-Finals

Goal for Argentina at the eighth minute came from Gonzalo Higuain giving them a spot for the 2014 World Cup Semi-Finals as they won over Belgium last Saturday (1-0).

This was a key win for team Argentina at the Estadio Nacional in Brazil as it has been 24 years since their last semi-final appearance – losing to West Germany in this finals match back in 1990.

The 26 year old Higuain had an early advantage from a lucky bounce pulling off an excellent corner shot that gave his team the lead. This attempt was his first goal for the 2014 tournament.\

Another attempt from Higuain on the 54th minute against Vincent Kompany, Belgium captian, was almost a goal for Argentina but resulted in a kick toward the crossbar.

The immediate attack and score from the team Argentina in the first minutes of the game caused a major upset for team Belgium as seen through their lack of offense and defense.

Winning efforts for Argentina came from Higuain’s lone goal and created a big chance for him and his teammates to push through a spectacular performance last Saturday.

Also contributing to the success of Argentina was their unbreakable defense that kept them from keeping Belgium scoreless for the entire match.


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The 2014 World Cup – A True Testament of the Importance of Hydration

After four years football fans are again given the chance to see all of their favorite football stars in one pitch at this year’s World Cup held in Brazil. In true football fashion all of the athletes showcase their best playing form to claim the coveted World Cup title.

Despite being professional athletes, this year’s World Cup players from all over the globe have reportedly succumbed to the heat and humidity while playing in Brazil. This has led to official water breaks being called within each of the matches as the players have been brought to exhaustion due to the extreme climate and weather.

When this type of scenario happens, proper hydration really is the best step to be able to continue through a tough and well-fought match. Of course it also important to realize the best ways in order to keep enough water as well as nutrients while in play.

Below are a few easy and quick tricks of the trade that may help sustain hydration and maintain a steady performance while playing football and other competitive sports.

Always keep a bottle handy. During competition and even in play always make sure to have a bottle of drinking water or sports drinks that can easily be consumed. This serves as the best solution to quickly replace any fluids and nutrients that have been lost through sweat.

Never wait for thirst to come. Studies have proven that thirst is already an indication of dehydration waiting to happen. Make sure to drink a few sips every time possible to avoid having to feel thirsty before drinking.

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Patriots Draft and Tom Brady in Super Bowl 2014

In Super Bowl 2014, there will be some interesting news that we can find. It’s the decision of New England Patriots, whether they will put Tom Brady into the draft or not.

There are many considerations why Tom Brady is still needed for Super Bowl 2014. One of them is his experience. Tom has become one of the best players in quarterback position. Although, he hadn’t won the last two of AFC championship, but, he know and understand the team. So, it will be great loss, if Patriots decide to let go this quarterback.

Next season, Tom will be 37. At this age, football player usually is more prone to injury. However, Tom said that he want to play until he is 40 and by looking at his performance, he have been in very good condition, except in Bernard Pollard case...

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Loving Sport Football

images (74)Being positively involved in any type of sport is really good for the health. It has benefits which include almost all of the body systems. A person will clearly observe the proof when you try to take a look at different athletes. From the physical aspect, their bodies are fit and look healthy. Psychologically they are able to use their own thinking as well as making decisions skills when it comes to the different methods of winning the game.Any kind of type of sport offers given a person with different opportunities to explore the internal capacities, whether it’s a easy board game, extreme sport or perhaps any kind of type of ball game. Your body and mind work hands in hand as you perform the game. Co-ordination, self-discipline and proper body mechanics are the fundamental lessons discovered whenever playing a certain type of sport.There are many of sports that you could actively engage in. And when you are able to choose and choose through the many sports, make certain you devote your own time, apply effort and continuously practice that way a person will master just about all the techniques and will manage to play the game successfully.


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Essential Facts About Soccer

images (57)Facts about football can be very interesting especially to the football followers that are perishing to have better knowledge about the game. The game is actually adored through millions and millions of people in the world. Soccer is actually a very interesting sport, therefore, it is best to understand some facts as well as trivia on this well known contact game. A lot of it’s followers claim that this game is the preferred sport, but when you may well ask all of them regarding a few facts on the sport they can’t supply solutions. There are a lot of football facts which followers, fanatics and even gamers can uncover.Football facts are helpful in knowing and appreciating the most viewed and many performed get in touch with sport in the world. Knowing such facts makes a lot of difference to a enthusiast or even player. The followers after that will not only accept entertaining and yelling for their favorite team. Rather, these people will start promoting the real essence of every game. One fact, actively playing the game with a great deal of dedication as well as sportsmanship, is a vital principle that may alter the way a participant interprets the sport. Knowledge is indeed energy. It makes a player, whether pro or amateur, more appreciative of the game. It makes the participant see past winning.Facts about ...
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Not Your “Average” Bowling Bag – Bowling Ball Accessories Created by Famous Designers

Most people that bowl usually are not particularly style conscious. Usually, these were a team uniform and they’ve to wear special bowling shoes there isn’t a lot of room when it comes to displaying their keen fashion sense. However, this is not entirely true. They are able to show off an exclusive designer bowling bag concerning have been some fashion designers who took a stab at creating these types of bags.
1. Burberry
At one time when Burberry was typically the most popular thing in fashion so it really should come as no surprise it also developed a bowling bag. The company put Burberry on everything possible, though the Burberry bowling bag actually looks very good. Not only that, nonetheless it looks practical this means you will also be used like a regular bag occasionally.

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